People who influnced me: IR, MM, PD, MD, SD, VGD,
My best character traits: Knowledgable, dependable
My worst character trait: Impulsiveness
Compliment I get often: "You are a good doctor."
Independence does not exist for me.
Nothing significant changed my life in last two years.
Sometimes I act my age and sometimes I act younger.
I am struggling with: Dunning-Kruger
I struggled with: Dunning-Kruger in the past but learnt to cope.
I would like to change my impulsiveness or overexcitabilities.
I don't know why I can't succeed in defeating impulsiveness.
I should't tell anyone what happened in the tent in Tanzania, but frequently do.
I do spend too much time on information gathering.
I do not spend enough time on innovation.
I usually do not regret.
I am proud of color MRI and Leyla.
Loneliness and desparation move me to tears.

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