Next good ideas in Ultrasound probe techonology?

Next ideas in Ultrasound probe techonology? Here you are:
  1. Wireless charging for wireless probes. Just put them in place and they will be charged when not in use.
  2. 3 Axis IMU orientation, gyroscope and accelerometer. Just a few $$$'s hardware investment needed. a. Would help with 3D Orientation tagging of images. b. Stitching and volume rendering of panoramic and volume acquisition images. c. Measuring hand made movement and pressure with elastography . d. Biopsy guidance. e. Cheap hardware, but needs work on software side. (MPU-6050 shown) 

Current methods of elastography include automated pressure waves generated with piezoelectric effect and hand made pressure waves which are unquantified. Sensing / Sending the acceleration info aquired from transducer will help quantification of pressure. Small pressure sensors on transducers will help even more.

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