• I describe myself as pessimistic. Although I always had good luck.
  • I describe myself as pessimistic because I usually see the nagativities larger than positivities.
  • I usually feel insecure.
  • I am disloyal, disobedient but reliable.
  • I am afraid of facing dangers. Coward? Yes.
  • I was able to program in BASIC, PHP and write HTML 1.0, 2.0. Design MySQL databases. Only HTML is fresh. But it is not HTML 5.0 Happily old HTML still works.
  • I am persistent.
  • I am imaginative.
  • I think I can do better in following regarding my friends. HTML, Photography, Ultrasound,
  • When I recieve a compliment, I think about it. Do I deserve it or is there a hidden agenda. Shall I accept and enjoy or should I be suspicious.
  • In group conversations I usually find hard a situation to speak. Sometimes I am hard to silenced.
  • I am usually the listener.
  • Some people find me irritating. I know the sources of irritation: Request to change the routine is main source of irritation, Sometimes I am capricious and challenging. I do my best to decrease sources of irritation and being melow.
  • I can cope with the feeling of dislike as long as I am not in complete segregation. Complete segregation is painfull and something I can not cope with.

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