Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) Accident with DJI phantom.

Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) Issue with DJI phantom I. 

The DJI Phantom I crashed today making a full upside down turn in the air out of control. The Phantom would have hit the ground. I tried to take control and land. No Hope.  I was on its own. After a 360 degree turn watch what happens!

FAQ/RTFM: Keep the Phantom away from obstacles, high voltage power lines, trees or bodies of water when in flight. Reduce the chance of electromagnetic interference by not flying in areas with high levels of electromagnetism, including base stations or radio transmission towers.

It could had "Flown Away" if the netting above astroturf did not exist. Propellers trapped in the netting and stopped. We just managed to get it down the next day. 

“RSPN” (by Blank & Kytt)

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