How to Create Trichromatic Color MRI using GIMP?

How to Create Trichromatic Color MRI using GIMP?

What is trichromatic or three channel color MRI?  A Trichromatic color MRI is an image which contains more information in a single image than a single grayscale image. Our eyes has three color receptors and one intensity receptor. Color receptos are almost unused in radiology. Below is a description which an enthusiast can use in creating a threechannel / trichromatic color MRI.

More info:

Follow the steps in images. 
  • Export 3 MRI images in your favorite workstation. Jpg, BMP or PNG would be fine. 
  • Images should meet the following conditions. 
  • They should be from the same anatomic region
  • They should have same resolution and zoom factor. 
  • They should be aquired with different MRI modalities. T1, T2, PD for a basic set.

  • The next step "open as layers" would place three images in 3 different layers.

  • Although the images look gray to our eyes in computer terms they are usually color images. In order to combine three grayscale images to a color images they should be converted to grayscale first. 

  • RGB Compose would combine three grayscale images contained in three layers to one RGB color image.  The image in each layer would go to one of the red blue and green channels. 
Gimp can be downloaded from www.GIMP.org



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