World Bank became a major actor in health during past years.

World Bank became a major actor in health during past years.


Details of WB reforms are actively hidden and not discussed with physicians of affiliated countries and decisions are made between governments and WB.

Strikes of physicians occurred in Turkey and Turkish Medical Association called for world wide help to defend its role in Medicine PMID: 22267656

WB reforms aim larger patient numbers and lower total costs without considering the complex nature of heath care. Individual health care givers and smaller institutes continually faced closures while large health providers was sponsored and sold to even larger corporations.

Last year (2011) was year of protests from heath care providers in many countries like Egypt, India, Israel, Turkey, Tanzania, Netherlands, Norway, Greece...

Countries like GB which a major change in health system is planned may face similar problems.


Policy makers and their financiers should not exclude physicians on major decisions made on public health and health system. This is one of emerging and global dangers facing public health.

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